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zBiddy is one the fastest-growing penny auction websites for good reason. This site offers a very good variety and quantity of penny auctions with modest competition. Fortunately for new bidders, getting free zBiddy bids is as easy as choosing the right bid package when signing up!

About Zbiddy

  • Website: www.zbiddy.com
  • Coupon code: BONUS50
  • # of free zBiddy bids for signing up: 0-140 (depending on bid pack purchased)
  • Other ways to earn free bids: Spin the wheel, periodic promotions, coupon codes

3 Ways Get Free zBiddy Bids

First, zBiddy offers a unique opportunity which is available only to new members. After signing-up, you’ll be directed to a purchase page where you can load-up on your first bid package. Take notice to the fact that some of the middle- and high-end bid packages all include free penny auction bids. While many bidders like to start small, zBiddy give strong incentives to buy the bigger bid packages by giving free add-on bids.

zbiddy free bids zbiddy free bids
Second, you can use Coupon code BONUS50 to get 50 free bids upon checkout!

Lastly, get free bids on zBiddy by spinning the zWheel after you sign-up. What is the zWheel? It’s sort of like playing wheel of fortune except there’s no Vanna White (how does she still look so young?) and you win bids, not money. The wheel is free to spin and you get an opportunity to spin the Wheel one time every 24 hours. Our advice, log in daily, spin the wheel and save up your bids until you have enough to competitively bid on lower-ticket items.

ZBiddy Review

zBiddy is well-liked by bidders because of the moderate competition and free auctions. Aside from their normal penny auctions, they also offer free auctions which feature small-ticket items, especially bid packages. It’s not a bad idea to try to win bid packages in the free auctions as a strategy for loading-up.

As for as product selection goes, zBiddy seems to be about as good as any other medium-sized penny auctions. The auctions are fairly frequent and the breadth of product is good too. Overall, zBiddy gets two thumbs up for having plenty of opportunities for free bids and for being a solid penny auction website.

Stay tuned as we’ll keep you posted with any promotions for zBiddy free bids.

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