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Quibids is one of the largest penny auctions online. Quibids offers thousands of daily auctions, touts tens of thousand of active bidders and has the biggest product variety of all penny auctions. Quibids is also one of the stingiest penny auctions when it comes to free bids!

About Quibids

  • Website: www.quibids.com
  • Coupon code: none needed
  • # of free bids at sign-up: 3
  • Other ways to earn free Quibids bids: Badges (see below), facebook daily sweepstakes


How to Get Free Bids on Quibids.com

When you sign-up for Quibids (and agree to receive email marketing promotions), they credit your account with a whopping 3 bids! After that, free bids have to be earned on quibids through their badge rewards program.

Quibids Badges work like this-

  1. You participate in bidding-on and winning penny auctions
  2. Badges are rewards for accomplishments such as winning your first auction, bidding on several different auctions, being active on the site and being inactive on the site (they send free bids for not playing!), etc.
  3. You cash the badges in for free bids which can be used in their auctions.

Quibids Free Bids on Facebook

Once you’ve signed-up for quibids, head over to their facebook page and take part in the daily contest for free bids. Tons of people enter daily, but, you may eventually win if you enter often. You can enter to win Quibids free bids 1 time per 24 hours and there is no limit to the number of times that you can win.

Quibids Review and about Quibids.com


Quibids Review

Quibids is a huge penny auction website. The volume of auctions and competition make it a fun bidding environment but winning isn’t always easy. We strongly recommend stocking up on bids early (they do very little bid discounting) and jumping right in to smaller-ticket items (small gift cards, video games, etc.) before going after the high-competition products.

Stay tuned as we’ll keep you posted with any promotions for Quibids free bids.

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