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OrangeBidz is one of the smaller penny auction websites… but don’t let its smaller community fool you into thinking that it isn’t worth the trouble! This penny auction provider actually makes it easy to get involved with free bids. They only give you a few to start out with… but they do offer several ways for how you can earn more.


  • Website:
  • Coupon code: none needed
  • # of free bids when you sign up: 2
  • Other methods for earning free bids: Writing testimonials, participating in Facebook contests, and referring friends.


How To Get Free Bids On

When you sign up for you get 2 free complimentary bids. Of course, this is hardly enough to do anything with… but luckily, there are a number of other options by which you can earn free bids on OrangeBidz. 

Free Bids By Referring A Friend-

You can earn free bids on OrangeBidz by referring a friend who enters your name when he/she signs up and buys a bid pack. This will actually earn you 30 free bids, which is a pretty good deal!

OrangeBidz free bids on Facebook- You can earn free bids through the OrangeBidz Facebook page by liking their site and keeping an eye out for contests. Joining and winning contests is a great way to earn free bids on this penny auction site!

Submitting testimonials for free bids- You can also get free bids if you have won an auction by submitting a testimonial. This involves basically videotaping yourself promoting the site, showcasing products that you have won, and talking about how you received outstanding customer service. Of course, certain rules and limitations apply… but if you meet all of the criteria, you can earn 35 free bids using this method!

OrangeBidz Review

OrangeBidz is a smaller penny auction website, but they offer a wide variety of different types of products, and can save you up to 95% off of the retail price when you win and purchase an item through the bidding process! Of course, one of the best strategies is to stock up on bids before attempting to win auctions, as this will equip you to make the most of your time and money when you move onto items like gift cards, electronics, etc.

Try OrangeBidz and get 2 free bids.

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