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HappyBidDay is a popular mid-sized penny auction website which offers free bids and bid package discounts for new users. The key to getting the most bids (for free!) from HappyBidDay is taking advantage of their sign-up specials. The free Happy Auction and Penny Auction bids and bid package discounts are usually only available to new members.

About HappyBidDay

  • Website: www.happybidday.com
  • Coupon code (20%-50% off plus 50 Happy Bids): GETFREE
  • # of free bids at sign up: 100 Happy Bids
  • Other ways to earn free HappyBidDay bids: Email promotions, social media, some holidays

Get Free Bids from HappyBidDay

All new HappyBidDay members get 100 ‘Happy’ bids deposited in their account just for signing-up. These Happy Bids can be used in their Happy Auctions, which are free-to-play auctions with smaller-ticket items (gift cards, some electronics, etc.) and bid packages.

New members who decide to purchase a bid package for HappyBidDay’s Penny Auctions while signing-up get an additional 20%-50% off their first bid package purchase if they use our exclusive coupon code GETFREE.

Once a member, HappyBidDay is known for giving free bids through social media contests, email promotions and on some holidays.

HappyBidDay Review

Overall, HappyBidDay is one of our favorite penny auction websites because of it’s size. HappyBidDay is not too big (which means less competition) but is big enough to offer a great variety of products and frequent auctions. In our opinion, HappyBidDay is the best of both worlds.


HappyBidDay Bidding and Features

HappyBidDay currently offers 2 types of auctions. Happy Auctions are their free-to-play auctions where users use free bids. These auctions typically include items such as bid packages (for their penny auctions), small gift cards, gifts and small electronics. We see the Happy Auctions as being a good place to load up on bids to use on their Penny Auctions.

The Penny Auctions on HappyBidDay.com include a wide variety of mid- to high-end products which include iPads, TVs, computers, gift cards, gold, silver, small home appliances and much more. As we mentioned, the competition on these auction is reasonable, although we recommend stocking up on bids when you sign-up so you don’t run short in the middle of the auctions.

Stay tuned as we’ll keep you posted with any promotions. Sign up for HappyBidDay and get 100 Happy bids plus 20%-40% off your first purchase using coupon code GETFREE.

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