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DealDash is one of the fastest growing penny auction websites in the past 2 years. DealDash went from a virtually unknown penny auction to one of the most popular in this short period of time.

Free and Discounted Bids on DealDash

DealDash is a penny auction which frequently gives heavy bid discounts for signing-up and for existing members. While it’s hard to find to free bid deals, the discounts given on bid packages make savvy bidders extremely competitive in their auctions.

About DealDash

  • Website:
  • Coupon code: None, just sign-up and wait for promotions
  • # of free DealDash bids for signing up: 0
  • Other ways to earn free bids: Facebook promotions, email newsletter deals, onsite deals


How to Get Free Bids on Dealdash

Just like, is a bit stingy when it comes to free bids. Unlike Quibids however, DealDash gives heavy discounts on bid packages in weekly promotions. The best way yo get free DealDash bids is to sign-up and wait for promotions which will get you bid packages at discounts from 50%-80% off the normal bid price of 60 cents. At the time of writing this article, DealDash is giving 50% off bid package purchases. Sample promotion: Review

Here’s the deal with DealDash… While DealDash has become one of the busiest penny auctions today, they seem to do a pretty good job balancing the number of live auctions with the number of bidders. While we sometimes find it difficult to win auctions, it’s usually pretty manageable. We recommend one simple thing when bidding on this site- If the day’s competition seems a little crazy, it probably is. Come back later.

DealDash has a number of popular penny auction features which make it an appealing site. The ‘No Jumper’ actions are good because they help prevent competition in the auctions from getting out of control. With ‘No Jumper’ auctions, you need to bid early in order to participate in the auctions later-on. This prevents users from over-crowding auctions late in the game.

Buy It auctions are also on DealDash. If you don’t win an auction, you can buy it for their set price and get 100% of the bids you used back. Most of the other popular penny auctions like HappyBidDay, Quibids and Beezid also use this or similar ‘Buy It’ models.

Sign-up for DealDash and get bid discounts.

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