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Update: Since writing this post, we’ve received a number of complaints regarding BidCactus. Further more, it appears that BidCactus is no longer offering auction and that is now honoring their bids.

BidCactus is a top 10 penny auction website which offers a few unique ways to bid for free and cheap.

Free and Discounted BidCactus Bids

The best way to get discounted bids on is at sign-up. As with many of the other popular penny auctions, BidCactus offers discounted bids for new members through the use of a coupon code.

About BidCactus

Coupon code: Not Needed or JALX-7FPP
# of free BidCactus bids for signing up: 80
Other ways to earn free bids: Invite a friend, facebook contests, YouTube testimonials, happy hour specials

Once you’re a member, BidCactus free bids can be acquired by:

  • Referring a friend (10 free BidCactus bids if you and your friend have both purchased bids before)
  • Facebook promotions – Periodic promotions where facebook fans can win free penny auction bids in contests
  • Wake-up Call – On Monday-Friday from 6pm-9pm, you can earn free bids by purchasing select bid packages
  • YouTube testimonials – Get 10 free bids on BidCactus by doing a video testinmonial

Free to Bid Auctions on

BidCactus offers free to participate auctions similar to other penny auctions such as With these auctions, all BidCactus members can bid for free, and just pay the final closing auction price if they win. What’s the catch? The products offered in these auctions are typically bid packages (for the pay to participate auctions) and small gift cards. We still really like this feature because it allows bidders to load-up on bid packages for cheaper than retail price.


Getting Free BidCactus Bids – Offers

The “Promotions” section of the BidCactus website is interesting. Those familiar with popular websites such as SwagBucks may be familiar with the concepts of an offer walls and rewards stores. Here’s how this works- BidCactus has partnerships with a number of online retailers. If you click on one of these retailer’s coupons from, you can earn free BidCactus bids if you decide to make a purchase on the retailer’s website. See, BidCactus gets a ‘kick-back’ from these retailers so they pass some of that on to you. We think it’s a great way to earn free bids!


BidCactus Review

Overall, we like because they seem to offer more chances for free bids and cheapr bids than many of the other major players (Quibids, Beezid, DealDash, etc.) in the penny auction industry. The auction competition is reasonable and the free-to-participate penny auctions offer plenty of opportunities for cheap BidCactus bids.

BidCactus Strategy Guide

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