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Simply put, is a fun penny auction website. We like the product selection, website features, social media and email promotions and really just about everything about this website. While playing on Beezid is a lot of fun, getting free bids is not always easy. Here’s the scoop:

About Beezid

  • Website:
  • Coupon code: BIDDAD
  • Free sign up bids: 20 plus hefty sign-up discounts and add-on promo bids
  • Other ways to earn bids: Periodic promotions, invite friends, social media contests

How to Get Free Bids on Beezid

The first way to get free bids on Beezid is to sign-up. At sign-up, Beezid typically offers a heavy discount on bid packages, plus they through in additional free bids. This type of offer is typically only available to new customers so take advantage when to sign-up.


Next, you can invite friends to earn up to 200 bids! That’s right, get a friend to sign-up and purchase a bid packages and you’ll get credited 200 bids.


Lastly, Beezid is know for periodic promotions which include free bids and bid discounts. Review

Since 2009, Zid and the team at Beezid have been serving-up a warm platter of penny auction goodness. features a good variety of products and plenty of auctions. We should note though that the competition is fairly stiff as well.

Some of our favorite features on Beezid include auction reminders (which let you know when a product you like is going to be auctioned), Buy It Now auctions (which have become a penny auction industry standard), and AutoBeezid which does our bidding for us!

Stay tuned as we’ll keep you posted with any promotions for Beezid free bids.

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