How to Get Free Penny Auction Bids

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Penny Auction Free Bids is a website dedicated to providing information to penny auction bidders about getting free bids and discounts on the most popular and new penny auction websites. We also provide information about penny auctions, bidding strategies and much more. Don’t forget to download our free penny auction guide to learn about penny auctions.

Free Bids on the Top Penny Auctions

Penny Auction Free Bids Given
Sign-up Bids Bid Now!
HappyBidDay Free Bids Sign-up, email promotions, social media, rewards program 100 Get Free Bids
Read Review
orangebidz-logo Sign-up, refer a friend, facebook Varies Get Free Bids Read Review Code: Not Needed
Beezid Free Bids Sign-up, coupon codes, contests 20 Extra Free Bids Get Free Bids Read Review Code: BIDDAD

What is the Best Way to Get Free Penny Auction Bids?

Penny actions give away the most bids to new users for signing up. In the same way that casinos have reward programs to attract and bring back customers, penny auctions do the same. The best way to get penny auction free bids is to sign-up and buy bid packages (at sign-up) time because many of these packages will be heavily discounted or will come with free bids. In the penny auction game, the key to having the most bidding power is to acquire bids at the lowest price possible (compared to your fellow bidders).

Why Do Penny Auctions Give Free Bids?

Many penny auction websites offer free bids when you sign up as a incentive to get you started. Once your a member, many will also entice you and try to draw you back to the website with free bids. Stay tuned to as we’ll keep you updated with all the free penny auction bid offers which come around.